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20 June 2009 @ 03:17 am
Alive drabblet. Or something.  

Ficlet-drablle thing for nightmare_week.Oh, and go read Alive: The Final Evolution!, cuz it's fucking awesome. Chyeahhh! 8D


Title: Ugly
Fandom: Alive: The Final Evolution!
Characters: Kanon, Nami
Word Count: 552
Rating: PG
Summary: The last moments of beauty can be ugly.
Author's Notes: Wrote this one night and really haven't looked at it since, I hope it's reasonably decent. ^_^; Kanon's death was...interesting, to say the least, and I wanted to take a look at things from a deeper side of her view. Hope everything makes sense and I represented her character well enough. And now I'm tired, and can barely make out what I'm typing, so I'm just gonna go on and post this now. HOKAI. :D 

She remembers how it felt the first time. White bright light, a myriad of beautiful orange-red violence, heat blasting out, sweet, sweet destruction of whatever she desired. Control. Power. And the fear. The petrified silence of all who had whispered before.  She was sure the grin that had slithered onto her face during those first moments of revelation had been delightedly crazy with wild abandon. Beautiful, even.

It had made her heart tremble with barely contained, vicious excitement.

And now, she was finally feeling it again. Only so much better.

That same reckless grin and those same insane eyes leered down at the bitch in front of her, reveling at the sight of the one who’d dared mock her power and beauty now laid out before her like the cow she really was.

“Everything is forgiven.”

A step. The scum grimaces, desperately searching a way to escape her doom. Kanon’s grin grows wider.

“Everything is fulfilled.”

What a wonderful, glorious day!

“Everyone is loved!”

An explosion of beauty, destroying ugly. A yelp of pain, the scent of blood metallic in the air.



“Do you understand? Ah…you don’t?”


Boom! Boom!

“You’re so stupid. And no beauty at all! You’re worthless because of all that!”



Ugly’s body is lying in the grass, bloody and limp-looking. Kanon giggle and saunters over to it, humming.

“So does it hurt? That’s right…”

Ugly breathes shallowly at her, glaring. Kanon smiles.

“…Kanon will bash your head in!”

Her smile still in place, Kanon reaches down—

Pauses. Strong. Those eyes…are strong. Defiant.

Why aren’t they terrified?!

Ugly grins, panting. “Then…I will…stab you through the heart!

Kanon is still staring at those eyes, hypnotized and panicking when she feels the blood icicle stab through her shoulder, bringing stinging pain and confusions with it. Then anger. Then—


And just like that, before giving the final blow, the cow up and stops. Just halts, as if transfixed by something in Kanon’s

Kanon, of course, takes the opening to blow the bitch away.

But as Kanon watches the body fall to the ground once more, smells the blood and burning flesh again, practically frolics to where the girl lies barely conscious, something isn’t right.

Something isn’t quite right.

“Heee! That was close! You wanted to kill Kanon, right?”


“Are you crying? So pitiful…”

Why hadn’t she killed Kanon? Why hadn’t she used her power? Why hadn’t she destroyed what was making her hurt,
causing her pain, making her angry? Why?!


Kanon snarls, and raises her hand for the killing blow. “Truly pitiful, UGLY!”

It’s then she notices her hand is turning black, rotten—ugly—and her face reflects her horror, her own terror that’s been hiding. Her body feels weird, so hot, so hot, and why—black, everything turning—what’s going—and she’s knows she screaming and moaning and saying things, but she doesn’t care it hurts again and why is this happening

And then she sees her life, her memories, surrounding her and playing for the others and she hears herself moan pathetically
in resistance and the bliss is gone, the control is gone, the power is gone, and the fear, the fearwhy is this happening

It’s truly pitiful. Ugly.

Where is happine—


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ephemeralbreathephemeralbreath on June 20th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
Uhhhh... That was, intense, in a word.

I had a dream that you helped me pay off a shady police ticket... Weird.
ephemeralbreathephemeralbreath on June 21st, 2009 05:54 am (UTC)
Oh yeah (lol I post this half a day later), if you didn't already know, I pretty much have no idea who these characters are, or what manga they come from, but I think your writing is pretty awesome.

I can practically imagine you reading this aloud to me.

Also, I like how your style almost looks like it could be part of a manga, you know, like the "BOOOOOM!!!"s and the thinkings and all.

I just came back because I thought this piece merited a more thoughtful comment.
amused4ever: SQUEE!amused4ever on June 22nd, 2009 03:37 am (UTC)

Like I said in the post--Alive: The Final Evolution!. GO READ IT. Haha. No, really; you might like it, it has kind of a mystery-scifi-apocalypse ring to it. Or something.
ephemeralbreathephemeralbreath on June 22nd, 2009 03:43 am (UTC)
... HO MY GAH MAGGIEEEE! -clings to you-

I was just starting to worry about you since I haven't heard from you (I forgot you posted this). Cause I was thinking you hadn't posted an entry for Brigits Flame this week.

Haha. I'll think about it... When I get really... really... really bored (much like I am now). I'm not really into manga.
it's green and tastes like licorice.: fairytalerionarch on June 20th, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
Nice! And no you're not too late. I just wish that more people would get into it. Cool outlook on Kanon. It's nice to see how she was a little off balance even when she was dying.
amused4everamused4ever on June 22nd, 2009 03:34 am (UTC)
Thanks! And yeah, I sound like a broken record when I say this, but hopefully more people will get into the fandom once the rumored anime comes out. YAYS.

Kanon was always one of my favorite baddies, because she's so crazy-ass. :DDD